What have you been doing, Brian?

February 23rd, 2011

Echoes #3 in stores TOMORROW!

Have a smoke, Brian. It’ll calm your nerves.

February 21st, 2011

EXCLUSIVE interior art from Echoes #3!

Echoes #3, out Wednesday 23 Feb!

February 21st, 2011


February 20th, 2011

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A Day in the Life

February 14th, 2011

I get asked quite frequently what it’s like being a freelance comic book writer. I figured I’d walk you through a typical day for me.

Saturday, February 12th
Wake up at about 6:30 to the baby wanting her mom. Feed the cats, shower, pass the baby to her grandma and lock the door to my office. Noise Canceling headphones on, Pandora playing my handmade 90’s alterna-rock station, anchored ably by the Pixies. After about twenty minutes of Twitter and newsfeed reading, I turn to the half finished WFH script on my screen. I work with a dual screen set up, and actively use OSX’s Spaces to keep work on one set of screens, screwing around on another. So, when I look in to work mode, I’m pretty good about keeping my head down.

This script was really thoroughly broken down in outline form, so, for the most part, I’m just busting out panels and adding dialogue. Because of the dual monitors and the joyous program that is Scrivener, this process is incredibly fast, almost more like doing an adaptation that original writing. By 10:30, it’s time to run next door and feed the neighbors cats. Figuring the cats could use the company and I could use the quiet, I bring my laptop. With the lack of Wi-Fi and the baby to dote over, I spend an hour petting the cats and banging out the remainder of the script. Without the outline right in front of my nose, the script goes to a strange (but I think fantasticly cool) place. Back to my office for a quick second draft and dialogue polish.

I tend to forget to spell check on the first submitted draft, I suppose it’s because I’m of the school that if you leave something for the editor to do that’s obvious they won’t start poking around for something that’s not. Or I’m just lazy, one of the two.

By about 1:30 the script is ready to go. I make up my invoice and shoot off both via e-mail. Time for lunch. The baby is asleep with her Grandma, and I don’t want to wake her, so I call up Tony Fleecs, and the two of us hit the dollar taco place around the corner to talk about story on the new creator owned series I’m working on and having a bitch of a time wrestling to the ground. After that, we make a quick stop at the amazing Iliad Bookstore around the corner from both of our houses, where I pick up a Charles Beaumont Paperback AND limited edition ashcan of one of his unpublished short stories.

With my frustration on this new book, and that it’s skews way more superhero-y than possible, i scour the comic racks for something that I don’t own that’ll inspire me. Born Again my Miller and Mazzuchelli and Kraven’s Last Hunt by DeMatteis and Zeck fit the bill.

Home again, home again. I play with the baby for twenty minutes and then get back to work. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for about a week to really crack this story, and I finally give in. I take a break and read Born Again from cover to cover. I wonder to myself if maybe that’s the structure I should use, is that why I chose that book?

I’ve got two interviews about Echoes to get done, so I decide to split them up, and crank out the first one as the hours tick down before my wife comes home.

I start cooking dinner and have a good hour long freak out session with that book’s editor, Rob Levin. After his amazing calming influence, I manage to actually stop thinking about the project when my wife comes home and the whole family sits down for dinner.

We spend the better part of the evening trying to convince our daughter to go to sleep, to very little avail. The whole time, I’m chewing on the outline, trying to figure out what it’s missing, and what, in turn, that first script is missing. The baby finally calls it quits around 1:30, and I’m too exhausted to do much more. Instead, I read Born Again one more time from cover to cover.

So, look, not so much a typical day because, well, typical days don’t exist. Some days the baby is miserable and whether we have help or not, I have no choice but to stay with her. Some days I spend driving around the city going from meeting to meeting, and others are spent with my brain turned off and watching Hammer movies with my daughter all day. And don’t get me started on my doctor days. Eesh.

But, that’s a pretty good look at what it’s like to be a freelance writer, combining the work for hire with the creator owned and the PR and marketing responsibilities all while trying to have some semblance of a life that’s not just doing work.


February 13th, 2011

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February 6th, 2011

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January 30th, 2011

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Make your choice, Brian.

January 25th, 2011

Echoes #2. Tomorrow.

Who stares back?

January 24th, 2011
Echoes #2 in stores on Wednesday!