Fighting the Good Fight

I’ve got some bad news for you about the comics industry.  They’re not interested in taking risks.  The reason you see Marvel and DC publishing a half dozen books for each popular character is because they know that they can sell them.

The comics market is tiny.  How tiny?  Let me put it this way, if a network tv show got a rating equivalent to the highest selling comic book of the past decade, that show would be cancelled and replaced with a repeat of Law and Order: SVU after the first commercial break.

Margins are tight, space is limited, and audiences are more or less stuck in their habits.  How many guys walk into stores bitching about how shitty, for example, the Hulk is, and then buy their copy of the Hulk and all 12 of it’s spinoff books?

I’ve been very lucky over my career to work at a few companies that have been willing to take risks on my oddball work, when financially it probably didn’t make great sense.  Top Cow is at the top of that list.  They know that what I do is quite different from what they do, but, they also believe in my writing and Rahsan’s art, and our combined storytelling to take a huge chance on our book.

This is no small task.  Not only do you have to fight for attention as an independent book, but, they also have to go outside of their safety zone with their diehard fans, trying to convince them to try something even further afield then Top Cow’s core titles.

And so, I come to you, our readers, potential readers, fans, friends, and lookie-loos, to ask you to do me a favor.  Take a chance on our little book.   When you walk into your comic shop tomorrow to get your new books, tell them you want to try this little miniseries from Top Cow called ECHOES.

It’ll cost you $15 for all five issues, and it’ll send a message to your shop owner, to Top Cow, and who knows, to the industry at large, that you’re willing to take risks and support something different from young creators.

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