Wanna Help?

From my twitter, here’s a quick list of things you can do to help support a book like Echoes.  Or, y’know, Echoes specifically.

1) Tweet about the book. Facebook about it.Tell your shop owners and other customers at your LCS. TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE IT, & THEY’LL TRY IT!

2) Write an Amazon review for the HC. It’s available for Pre-Order NOW.  Books with positive reviews sell more copies. No, really. They did a study.

3) Go on Goodreads or @comixology and do the same. Like it, review it, whatever. More recommendations means more readers!

4) Harvey Awards. If you’re a pro, go on to www.harveyawards.org and fill out the ballot. We’re eligible for ECHOES and for TUMOR, too.

5) Give your copies away! If you have a friend who’d dig it, give it to ’em! Let them try it, or direct them to @robot6 for the 1st 2 issues for free.

6) And most importantly, BE A CHAMPION. Stand up for the books you love (even if they’re not mine!) And push them.

7) PRE-ORDER YOUR COMICS!  Tell your local retailer you want the ECHOES HC for 19.95 from Top Cow in PREVIEWS NOW.  If you don’t pre-order you absolutely WILL NOT find it at your store.

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