One of the things that drives me crazy about the comics press is that there’s a disconnect between the final product which is a collaborative effort of the entire team and what they see as the value.  Unless you’re talking about a superstar artist, for the most part, the artist gets short shrift in the process.

Rahsan and I talked almost non-stop through the process of making this book, and he served as both a sounding board and a quality meter for what i was doing.  The first reaction I wanted to from each finished script wasn’t from my editor or my usual gang of friends who read the book, but from Rahsan.  When I talked to him about the book, I knew if what I was doing was working and if what he was going to do would work.

That’s collaboration.  Rahsan and I have collaborated in one way or another on a couple hundred pages of comics at this point, and, hopefully, that’s just the beginning.  Because he brings something to my writing that no one else can.  Himself.

Thanks buddy.

Echoes #4 is in stores this week, and in it you can see two of the most beautiful pages of comic art ever printed.  You’ll know ’em when you see them.


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