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Wanna Help?

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

From my twitter, here’s a quick list of things you can do to help support a book like Echoes.  Or, y’know, Echoes specifically.

1) Tweet about the book. Facebook about it.Tell your shop owners and other customers at your LCS. TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE IT, & THEY’LL TRY IT!

2) Write an Amazon review for the HC. It’s available for Pre-Order NOW.  Books with positive reviews sell more copies. No, really. They did a study.

3) Go on Goodreads or @comixology and do the same. Like it, review it, whatever. More recommendations means more readers!

4) Harvey Awards. If you’re a pro, go on to and fill out the ballot. We’re eligible for ECHOES and for TUMOR, too.

5) Give your copies away! If you have a friend who’d dig it, give it to ’em! Let them try it, or direct them to @robot6 for the 1st 2 issues for free.

6) And most importantly, BE A CHAMPION. Stand up for the books you love (even if they’re not mine!) And push them.

7) PRE-ORDER YOUR COMICS!  Tell your local retailer you want the ECHOES HC for 19.95 from Top Cow in PREVIEWS NOW.  If you don’t pre-order you absolutely WILL NOT find it at your store.


Friday, December 31st, 2010

Here’s the PR! Thanks so much for all of the support folks.

Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced that ECHOES #1 has completely sold out after only one day of sales. A second printing of ECHOES #1 is being sent to Diamond Comics Distributors to meet the demand for Minotaur Press’ first horror/suspense-thriller title, and will be available in stores the same day as ECHOES #2 for readers who couldn’t get their hands on the creepy series in time.

ECHOES, the first independent-styled series from the publisher comes from the creative minds of Joshua Hale Fialkov (TUMOR, PILOT SEASON: ALIBI) and Rahsan Ekedal (CREEPY).

Brian Cohn was learning to deal with the Schizophrenia inherited from his father. Supportive wife, new baby on the way, drugs to control the voices. But when on his father’s deathbed, he learns that he also inherited the trophies of his father’s career as a serial killer. Will his madness send him further down into the crawlspace of his father’s mind?

“I’m so amazingly grateful to all of our readers and the kickass retailers who helped us reach them!” said Fialkov. “The support, loyalty, and clearly awesome taste really warms my heart.”

“It’s thrilling to hear the news that Echoes #1 has sold out so quickly,” added Ekedal. “After nearly a year of hard work and long, long hours bringing this book to life, it’s very gratifying to see the incredible response. I can’t wait for everyone to see the rest of the series!

“Echoes is one of the project’s I’m most proud of this year, so I can’t say I’m surprised the first printing sold out immediately,” said Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. “It’s exactly the type of high quality, sharply written, beautifully drawn, self-contained and easily accessible story-telling the industry says it wants but repeatedly fails to support up front. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that Josh, Rahsan, Troy, and the rest of the Top Cow team have done on this series and we’re thrilled to support the launch with an aggressive second printing. Mark my words; this series will be one that everyone will be talking about 2011.”

“…quiet when it needs to be and thunderously punctuated in the corresponding beats…” – Newsarama

“Echoes sets the standard for horror in comics – you’d be hard-pressed to find a more gripping and inventive psychological thriller in any medium.“ – Panels on Pages

“It’s an early contender for best mini-series of 2011!” – Comic Book Resources’ Comics Should Be Good!

“Comic books are not just about superheroes and [Echoes] is the perfect example why they shouldn’t all be.” – Comic Vine

For more information, sneak peeks and exclusive content of Echoes, follow @echoescomic on Twitter, friend Brian Cohn on Facebook and visit


Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

This Wednesday, Echoes hits stores and Rahsan and I will be celebrating it in style at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka. If you haven’t made the trek up to this fabulous shop, do yourself a favor and come join us. More info (and Facebook RSVPing available here.

We’re also going to be making the rounds of some local shops signing copies and making sure that they have them on hand.  So, keep an eye out for us when you hit your comic shop this Wednesday!

Thanks for all of the support, and we’re really looking forward to hearing what y’all think about the book!


The Waiting: Part 2

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Comics is a funny business. We work and work way ahead of time, send in our solicitations to Diamond (our distributor), a month or two later the book gets solicited in the Previews catalog, wherein retailers place orders based on what they figure people will probably want, and then two to three months later, the books come out.

That’s a helluva lot of red tape between Rahsan and I making the book, and you reading the book. And yet, retailers and you, as a reader, take a huge risk that the red tape creates. To get the whole series you’re essentially buying it in advance (or asking your friendly neighborhood comic shop to do it for you), and hoping you like it.

Now, for the big boys this works great. See, a huge percentage of their audience doesn’t care if the Hulk turns red and starts eating ducks and speaking in pig latin because they have every issue of the Hulk and will continue to buy it no matter what. It takes an act of gross hostility from the creators of some of these series for fans to abandon ship. Hell, sometimes even that isn’t enough.

But with indie books, you see a lot of buy the first one and wait for the trade. Or you buy the first one and forget to buy the rest. Or you buy the first one and think it’s shit.

In other words, we don’t have those loyal fans hanging on our every word waiting for the next chapter with bated breath. Or at least, not as many of them as the big boys do, even proportionately speaking.

So this is a tricky place to be. We teeter on the precipice of so much just by being an independent, and now, we stand on the brink of, well, apathy. So, please, do yourself a favor both with our book and with any other independent you care about. Don’t be apathetic. Keep the faith, preach the word, and, most of all, make sure to pre-order.

Get Ordering!

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Hey folks,

As previously mentioned, if you don’t actually tell your retailer you want ECHOES you most likely won’t get it.  So, we went ahead and made your life a wee bit easier with this here order form.  Download, fill out, and take it to your local retailer.

Click the image for the full size.

Fighting the Good Fight

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I’ve got some bad news for you about the comics industry.  They’re not interested in taking risks.  The reason you see Marvel and DC publishing a half dozen books for each popular character is because they know that they can sell them.

The comics market is tiny.  How tiny?  Let me put it this way, if a network tv show got a rating equivalent to the highest selling comic book of the past decade, that show would be cancelled and replaced with a repeat of Law and Order: SVU after the first commercial break.

Margins are tight, space is limited, and audiences are more or less stuck in their habits.  How many guys walk into stores bitching about how shitty, for example, the Hulk is, and then buy their copy of the Hulk and all 12 of it’s spinoff books?

I’ve been very lucky over my career to work at a few companies that have been willing to take risks on my oddball work, when financially it probably didn’t make great sense.  Top Cow is at the top of that list.  They know that what I do is quite different from what they do, but, they also believe in my writing and Rahsan’s art, and our combined storytelling to take a huge chance on our book.

This is no small task.  Not only do you have to fight for attention as an independent book, but, they also have to go outside of their safety zone with their diehard fans, trying to convince them to try something even further afield then Top Cow’s core titles.

And so, I come to you, our readers, potential readers, fans, friends, and lookie-loos, to ask you to do me a favor.  Take a chance on our little book.   When you walk into your comic shop tomorrow to get your new books, tell them you want to try this little miniseries from Top Cow called ECHOES.

It’ll cost you $15 for all five issues, and it’ll send a message to your shop owner, to Top Cow, and who knows, to the industry at large, that you’re willing to take risks and support something different from young creators.